How to Beat the Fall Heat

With summer’s triple digits temperatures (hopefully) in the rearview mirror, it’s finally time to bust out all your favorite new fall fashions. But autumn in Phoenix is different from much of the country, with our warm sunny days and cool desert nights. Fortunately here at The Clotherie, we’ve been dressing local men in the finest, desert-ready fashion since 1969.

So here comes The Clotherie’s sportswear director, Tom Simon to the rescue, talking about the season’s best new styles, and how to incorporate them into your existing wardrobe and personal style.

“Fall in the Valley is a difficult time to dress,” Simon says, “because even through the calendar says fall, the daytime temperatures are still pretty warm. So why not think of it as an opportunity mix up your standard wardrobe and try our some interesting combinations?”

·  Maybe skip the traditional suit coat and tie and instead break out a boldly colored or distinctively patterned dress shirt, or an eye-catching jacket & shirt combination that you might not be willing to wear with a more formal suit. You want people know that you choose a tie-less look, rather than just looking like someone who took their tie off.

·  Unless you are on your way to the golf course, you don’t have to dress like you're playing golf. Why not ditch the golf polo and grab a traditional dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up for a more stylish late-summer look?

·  If you do wear a jacket, choose something lightweight and then pair it with a less formal shirt like a cotton button-up or even a nice T-shirt. The best part about today’s lightweight deconstructed jackets (aka travel blazers) is that you can wear them year-round, just layer less in the fall and then layer up in the winter with a knitted sweater.

·  Speaking of deconstructed jackets, this look (soft shoulders, lightweight fabrics) is also bleeding into modern suits, many of which are specifically designed to worn without a tie, which we are seeing more and more, even in semi-formal settings.

·  Transitioning from summer to fall is also a great time to break out your brown dress shoes, which are now outselling traditional black shoes 2 to 1. You can wear brown shoes with almost anything you’d normally wear with black shoes; it’s such an unexpected yet rich look, especially when paired with a super stylish houndstooth jacket.