Quick Tips for Looking your Best on Mother’s Day

Clotherie Mother's Day-01.png

Mothers Day is coming this Sunday, May 8. So in between ordering flowers, making dinner reservations and picking out the perfect gifts for all the lovely ladies in your life, don’t forget there’s one more important step. You need to look like someone your mother can be proud to call her son. So here are few quick tips from The Clotherie’s Tom Simon on how to dress your best for Mom’s special day.

  • Here Comes the Groom: No, you’re not getting married, but it is a good reminder to break out your razor, swing by the stylist for a quick neck-line trim, or whatever other special grooming you need to get all gussied up.
  • Spring has Sprung: Now’s the perfect time to break out those colorful Spring/Summer woven button-up shirts that you’ve had in hibernation all winter long. Even better, why not coordinate around Mom’s favorite color?
  • Embrace the Dark Side: If you want a more casual look, feel free to pair a colorful shirt and a well-fitted blazer with jeans. Just be sure to grab your darkest denim wash with no holes, so you don’t look like you’re bumming around.
  • From Head to Toe: For more casual get-togethers you’ll be fine with a dress-sneaker hybrid, but for anything fancier you’ll want to slip on a pair of loafers with no-show socks.
  • Finishing Flourish: Accent your blazer with a complementary-colored pocket square, or even slip mom’s favorite flower into your boutonnière button.