The Clotherie Takes Manhattan


Do you ever wish you had the ability to see into the future, to gaze into a crystal ball and see what the world of tomorrow will look like? Well, today’s your lucky day because The Clotherie has seen the future, and the future is … sleek, stylish and coming to Phoenix later this fall.

Yes, The Clotherie’s co-directors, Tom Allen & Tom Simon, just returned from their latest buying trip to NYC, where they met with top fashion labels such as Eton and Canali, and personally inspected the latest looks coming for Fall/Winter 2016. Heading home after a hectic week of exclusive sneak peaks and invite-only parties, the two Toms are now back in the Valley, unpacking a briefcase full of fabric samples, pattern swatches and buying brochures as they debate exactly which looks will make the cut at The Clotherie this fall.

So join us, won’t you, as we look forward to all the fresh, exciting new clothing coming to The Clotherie.

Outerwear Heats Up
Maybe it was just because they happened to arrive in Manhattan in the midst of a historic blizzard, but the Toms were really impressed by all the sharp-looking coats they discovered. “A lot of people will be familiar with the traditional puffer, or quilted nylon jacket,” Tom Simon says. “But we were really impressed with new, more tailored nylon pieces such as vests that are actually designed to be worn under a blazer and just look great.” Furthermore, Simon says, even the more traditional nylon quilted jackets have a fresh new look thanks to patterns such as tweed or cable that are printed right onto the nylon fabric, creating a wide variety of new, dressier looks for this traditionally informal jacket style.

Jacket Required
Speaking of stylish outerwear, Tom Simon was also impressed with Canali’s new twists on the traditional leather jacket such as one featuring quilted leather. “It’s a very striking yet subtle look,” Simon says, “and a great look to layer over designer active wear to create a dressy yet fashion-forward statement.”

Tom Allen also loved Canali’s new looks, saying “once again Canali showed the consistent excellence we’ve come to expect throughout their entire lineup,” including slimmed down silhouettes finished with luxurious gabardines, cotton velvets, wool and cashmeres, and accessorized with check trousers, cable knit sweaters and double-breasted suit jackets.

Wild & Wooly
Speaking of luxurious fabrics, another trend coming to The Clotherie is a cornucopia of cashmeres. Long associated with conservative cuts and staid sweaters, today cashmere, has branched out, says Tom Simon. “From narrow, tie-like scarves to casual Hensley’s t’s, it’s interesting to see this once conservative fabric bust out.”

Brown is the New Black
Last but not least, Tom Allen was struck by the abundance of bold brown shades unspooling across multiple labels this year. Usually a minor player in formal menswear, he was impressed with both the variety of rich coffee to reddish auburn shades, as well as the unique color pairings. “I saw great-looking brown fabrics paired with everything from lavender, to gray and navy blue.”

Look for these looks to start trickling in to The Clotherie over the summer and into fall. And until then, be sure to come in for the best warm-weather dress wear and stylish, summery casual wear.